Late April Investigations of the Micro

Wednesday, April 26, 2017 3 Permalink 0

Spring, which so recently seemed stalled, is barreling forward with alarming speed. I can barely seem to keep the weeds at bay, much less organize the beds. It’s like this every year: It seems like it’s too early to shape the beds and move the plants around, and then suddenly it’s already too late, as the season is in full swing! You might as well enjoy the ride and let things grow where they are thriving.

Also of note, the new camera discovers insects so small that they escape notice with the naked eye. The garden is full of life this time of year, evidently, but in fact much fuller than we imagine. Whole communities can exist in the bowl of a new peony. This is a thrilling discovery for me, and I will pursue it with gusto at the highest magnification setting!


  • JennyOH
    April 26, 2017

    I love these! Very alien.

  • pleun
    April 26, 2017

    You have borage blooming already? I don’t even have the seeds in the ground yet! Love the tiles over he tomatoes. Love it that you love your camera. Plus all the ants.

    • fauxcanard
      April 27, 2017

      Thank you. I can’t wait to compare notes (what’s the largest blow-up past official clarity, for example?) I bought a couple of borrages in 8cm pots about four years ago and they and their descendants have never QUIT blooming! It is one of the most invasive plants around here. Which is lovely, and edible. And the bees ravish them. But really, you can’t walk for the borrage. We have to beat it back in all seasons. I’ll bring you some!

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