Post-everything, Pre-everything

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Do you remember that game as a child, wherein you stand in a narrow doorframe and press your hands outward as hard as you can for the count of 10? And then you step out from the doorframe and your hands seem to float, by will of their own. It always brings a smile, even to adults. An eery sensation, but giddy.

We two men here are like that this late October, in a new and depressurized era at le Camparol. The big renovations to the farm have gone as far as they are going to get, and the big punctuation of the wedding party is now 6 weeks past. If you think of that happy date as a pinnacular solstice, then we are already almost at the end of the season which it began.

Grand as it was, it is history, and even the mess has been cleaned up. Mostly.

We have discovered in its aftermath an uncanny fact: Somehow, in the tremors that shook this place with 80 people coming and going over the course of weeks, we were not depleted but rejuvenated. We both feel it. No fewer wrinkles and aches and pains, but there is alot more energy to get up and do whatever we need to do next. We are relieved, and also emboldened.

“Now what?” That is the question, heading into winter. Now what. Because anything is possible, and nothing is pre-determined, so the answer matters for the first time in a long while.

We are like men who have been freed, stepping out smiling from the pressurized doorframe to let our arms float upward without plans nor constraint, a feeling both eerie and giddy, like upside-down freefall.

For his part, always modest, M is leaving his recipe books behind and taking a risk in trusting his own instincts with the Braucol grapes from the récolte this last weekend: Savory lavendar and rosemary-infused jellies. The first tastes get my 5-star review. We are imagining it soon with a good cheese plate.

And me? I am going to teach an English class. And learn to spackle plaster. And build a new clothes line. And learn from a neighbor to can turkey for cold picnics next summer. I might also start posting here regularly again. It keeps me nimble.

I hope you will enjoy the photos of this moment at le Camparol as much as we do. They are mostly just a stroll around the garden this week, because we have been keeping close to home, very aware lately of how lucky we are to be here.

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