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We had a wonderful trip in five distinct parts, prominently featuring maple syrup, heirloom turkeys and pigs, beaver dams, much rain, rocky beaches, skyline views, great coffee, Harvard pomp, fiddlehead ferns, a kazoo finale of the 1812 Overture with a raucous balloon-popping cannon-crescendo, black flies, one seal, two cemeteries, a multipurpose reredos (with a built-in Jesus Pantry and dressing closet), and the gay old Cape. In short, New England all over us. Not all those elements are pictured, but they are thickly mingled in memory. Enjoy.

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  • Bobbi Bowman
    June 10, 2017

    Wow your photos just keep getting better….guess that new camera is working for you. Since I saw the fiddlehead ferns, I’m wondering if you ate any? I’ve heard they are great but haven’t lived anywhere that had them so don’t know myself. I don’t think they are grown commercially but you just have to wind them in wild.
    anyway, keep on posting photos whenever you have the time.

    tx Bobbi

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