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Tuesday, November 15, 2016 1 Permalink 0

I don’t always feel thankful…

Until M is in China and makes it through -25c and what seems like 100 plane changes without incident, in spite of the explosive election results the morning of his departure.

Or until the Supermoon comes and I catch an unobstructed glimpse, despite heavy cloudcover all night long except in that one brief moment, and I even snap the only photo I’ve ever taken of the moon that turns out clear!

Or until friends tote 25kg of raw American walnuts for an hour in their pristine white car just for me, because they know that they are impossible to find here and that I would want them during the holidays.

Or until I spot a deer in the clearing at the top of the ridge above the riverbank on a midday walk, our two lives sharing a common terrain but never until that moment intersecting.

I don’t always feel thankful, but sometimes even the smallest flower bud seems significant, the tiniest drop of nectar a huge gift right where it is most needed. It’s enough to keep us going to the next flower, one foot after another, hand over hand, flying or crawling as necessary, through cloudy nights and cold winters and dark times.

For these small but sustaining blessings most of all I will be grateful at Thanksgiving this year.

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  • JennyOH
    December 9, 2016

    That is some amazing golden-hour light.

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