My name is Charles

sundries below

You will find a good dose of Southern culture lauded and debrided throughout these pages alongside the French, owing to my birth, and some key choices later in life. But I am a citizen of the world and never more than today, after making my home abroad. I have also lived in stints of varying length (and this is one of those cases in which size has nothing to do with efficacy nor influence) in New Orleans, Boston, Miami, Rio, San Francisco, Santa Fe, New York City, Key West, Atlanta, several parts of Tennessee and the Georgia Coast with a view of the marshes just south of Savannah. 

fauxcanard was born of a need to share my photos and writings across many topics all in one place. I hope you enjoy the posts. I welcome you to respond to any and all. Your doing so not only opens up the conversation, but your interactivity here boosts the value of these pages and helps them eventually to reach a larger audience.

I was asked recently if I ever have thought that perhaps I might have already died and my current life is some kind of Paradise or Limbo. I was able to answer very quickly: Yes. I wonder about that all the time. The reason is obvious to those who know me, as after some lean and desperate times bumbling through my 30s, making plenty of mistakes in all directions, I seem in my 40s to have come out into a clearing of sorts, a psychological meadow drenched in French sun and surrounded by loved ones, like the partner I have always loved (but whom it took 14 years to land!), our beautiful dog, our fabulously eccentric neighbors and a bevy of Las-Vegas-showgirl chickens. I live on a river, in a house I love, and I have time to write, and to learn, and to travel and to spread the love I feel however I see fit. This is surely the best time I have known, and it is quite easy to believe this is Paradise, as good as it gets. I hope it shows as you read along.